Our large fleet comprised of modern delivery vehicles
Our fleet consists of modern van-type vehicles. We recently operate with approx. 20 own vehicles and we keep reasonably, systematically and continuously expanding. We regularly renew our fleet and there is currently no van older than 3 years. All of our vehicles are serviced all year round not only by regular maintenance in exclusively authorized services, but also constantly supervised by our trained staff. Excellent technical condition of vehicles is a guarantee of trouble-free transport. On the other hand, we are not indifferent to the environment and therefore we only buy the most modern vehicles meeting the strictest EURO 5 and EURO 6 emission standards.
Curtain sided van 1

Curtain sided van

  • Number of pallets: 9
  • Dimensions of payload space:
    Length: 450 cm
    Width: 220 cm
    Height: 220 cm
  • Payload: 1100 kg

Curtain sided van

  • Number of pallets: 8
  • Dimensions of payload space:
    Length: 420 cm
    Width: 222 cm
    Height: 230 cm
  • Payload: 1000 kg
Curtain sided van 2
Box vans

Box vans

  • Number of pallets: 7
  • Dimensions of payload space:
    Length: 470 cm
    Width: 170 cm
    (135 cm between the wheels)
    Height: 198 cm
  • Payload: 1200 kg


  • Number of pallets: 2
  • Dimensions of payload space:
    Length: 165 cm
    Width: 120 cm
    Height: 110 cm
  • Payload: 500 kg

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