A brief overview of the services provided by our company

Express transport

Primarily, we focus on urgent deliveries performed by vehicles with total weight up to 3.5 tons for more than 13 years.

Express transport or urgent delivery is a type of transport preferred by customers if their goods or shipments require the shortest and fastest logistic route to the consignee. This method is financially a bit more expensive, but on the other hand can help to avoid much greater financial losses (in the case of production stop). Express transport or urgent delivery is our principal activity. Primarily, we focus on urgent deliveries performed by vehicles up to a total weight 3.5 tons for more than 13 years. This category comprises of transports of consignments with a maximum weight not exceeding the maximum payload of individual vehicles, and thus up to 1100 kg. On a daily basis we also realize deliveries in "Just-in-time" mode, which means at the exact time. Express transport is "showcase" of our company, but trying once is better than reading or hearing hundred times.

  • speed
  • no manipulating with the goods
  • shipment tracking online
  • our long experience
  • higher price


Our company provides an opportunity to utilise a part-load transport to / from Germany, that brings cost savings.

In case that our customer does not require an express delivery but does not want to risk multiple handling with the goods due to possible damage, loss or late delivery, we are ready to find a solution. Our company offers this possibility, which significantly saves costs. If you need to transport goods weighing not more than 150 kg, we can guarantee delivery within max. 4 working days at a very reasonable price. Request a quote now.

  • cost-effective price
  • shipment despatch notification (SMS, e-mail)
  • shipment tracking online
  • minimal manipulation with the goods
  • later delivery

Storage and custom clearance

For partners from transport industry we offer a possibility of transshipment.

We are ready to offer our customers the opportunity to utilise our warehouse facility equipped with a forklift and secured space. Our partners may utilise a possibility of transshipment / reloading. In addition, in case our customers are interested in our help with the custom clearance of the goods going to countries where goods are subject to custom clearance (such as Serbia, Switzerland, etc.), we can give a helping hand. Our job is to make use of our experience and contacts in order to serve our customer as best we can.

Freight forwarding

Our customer is always right.

Together with our partners we create a large fleet of vehicles of European significance. We choose our partners carefully and work only with those who meet strict quality standards. Therefore, if our own vehicles are fully booked, we can supply a subcontracting vehicle. We guarantee that we will take care of smooth delivery as if our own vehicle did the job.

"Our territory is europe, our pace is express!"

13 +
years on market
vehicles in the fleet
transports per year
tons of transported goods
We consider the speed crucial already when making an offer.
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